Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Next Doctor's visit...

As the weeks are going by faster and faster, we are starting to get more and more excited about meeting our sweet little baby boy. We go tomorrow for the 32 week ultrasound and appointment and I cannot wait to get to see him again. We are going to try to get a better face shot this time since he had his feet in his face the entire 4d. I would love to see those sweet feet again though and we will just have to see how cooperative he will be. We feel so blessed to be on this wonderful ride and it seems like just yesterday that we were telling the news. I will post a new picture if we get a good one tomorrow...hope that everyone is having a great week!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Too Cute Not to Post....

This was one of about 3 YAWNS during his ultrasound...too cute!

Love these toes already :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Baby Boy's first photo shoot :)

Well we went for the 4d sonogram and can I just say that it was so amazing. I really cannot believe how much detail there is when you are watching it. Baby Bost was NOT cooperative at first but we did not care...we were enthralled with watching whatever he was doing. Since unfortunately my first glucose test did not turn out so well, on Monday, during the 4d, I was also running back and forth to the nurse to get my sugar tested during the 3 hour glucose test...ugh. But that all turned out to be fine - what a blessing because for those of you who know me it would have been a TOUGH 11 weeks with a special sugar-free diet...but i could have done it :)

So when I got back from getting my finger stuck, he decided that he wanted to be a sweet boy and show us his flexibility. He was playing with his feet for almost the entire hour and we were getting so tickled at him pulling his feet up to his face. Jackie says that he taught him how to do that...what a proud daddy he was :) I really cannot wait to meet this little man. How about those little cheeks? We are so in love already and feel like we know him just a little bit more now!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Baby Blue...

Progress was made this weekend :) It is so funny to me that the weekend that we actually painted the nursery, everyone seemed to ask, "so when are you going to pick a paint color?" We narrowed down our choices from 4 colors, or shades of blue if you will, and we are really happy with the way that it turned out. We started on the nursery on Friday night with the primer and then finished up on Sunday with the finale! Taping was the hardest part but I took care of the low areas and Jackie got the high spots. By the way, if you are ever trying to paint over a darker color with a lighter one, ask the paint people to tint your primer that you use...saved us one coat at least :)

Today I had another appointment and he is getting bigger and bigger, and evidently the scales say the same about me - haha. I was excited to hear that sweet heartbeat again and it was around 150 today...he was moving around like a wild child the whole time she was trying to listen but I thought that it was funny to watch! We are going on Monday for the 4d sonogram and I am so excited. I have been looking forward to this since we found out we were expecting. Get this though, you have to take a blank VHS tape to record the movement on the sonogram but a blank dvd or cd will work for still pictures...we don't even have a VHS player. Jackie was joking saying he was going to have to go buy one so we could watch the video...my parents have one so we will have to borrow it! Pictures of baby boy will be up as soon as we can get them on here next week - SO EXCITING!!!